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Insulated Tabbed Square Duct Access Doors
Access Door for Rectangular Duct

Our range of square Insulated Tabbed Duct Access Doors provide rapid and easy access for the servicing and cleaning of rectangular ducting systems. They also enable quick access to smoke, fire and volume control dampers or other equipment mounted inside square and rectangular ductwork.

  • Safe and secure fitting with no sharp edges
  • Includes simple door cam lock system
  • Glass mineral wool insulation with 25mm thickness
  • Meets BS EN10142+A1 1995
  • Galvanised coating G275 minimum
  • Gasket material to DIN 7726
  • Design provides good door fit, minimising air leakage
  • Available in 9 square sizes from 150 x 150mm to 600 x 600mm
Curved Duct Access Doors

Curved Duct Access Doors provide access to equipment installed within the duct and are suitable for low, medium and high pressure applications.

  • Self-adhesive template ensures correct fitting to pipe
  • Integral gasket makes a tight seal
  • No rivets or screws are needed
  • Suitable for spiral and straight seamed circular pipes
  • Available in three sizes for ducts with diameters from 100mm to 800mm
  • Now available up to 900mm diameter in 500mm x 400mm size
Back Draught Shutters

Circular In-Line Back Draught Shutters are designed to prevent back draught in circular ducts when a fan is switched off.

  • Steel case with aluminium spring loaded butterfly-action shutter
  • Foam seal ensures air tightness and enhances noise reduction
  • Available in sizes for ducts from diameters 100mm to 315mm
  • Larger sizes available on request
Single Blade Balancing Dampers

B Type Single Blade Balancing Dampers are intended to balance the air flow in low velocity rigid spiral ducts.

  • Includes steel locking quadrant
  • Manual metal handle for easy adjustment
  • Available for duct diameters from 100mm to 300mm
  • Other sizes on request


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