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High quality and user-friendly clamps and connectors for ventilation systems.

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If you are an end-user you can buy DuctStation Clamps online under our VentZone brand. For Trade account enquiries, please contact us.

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Quick Release Hose Clips

Our quick-release worm-drive hose clips are designed to fix flexible hoses to fan spigots, round ducting, duct fittings and terminals.

  • Made from 9mm stainless steel strip with profiled edges to prevent damage to hoses
  • Steel strip is continuously grooved to allow the locking device to be adjusted to any diameter within its range
  • Tiltling head locking mechanism provides quick clamping by hand with the final tightening by screw driver to complete the joint
  • All sizes fit a minimum 60mm diameter and extend to fit 110mm, 135mm, 165mm, 180mm, 215mm, 270mm, 325mm, 380mm, 525mm and 660mm

Stainless Steel Clampband

A simple way to make quick-release worm-drive hose clips to bespoke lengths. Securely fixes flexible hoses to fan spigots, round ducting, duct fittings and terminals.

  • 30M banding housed in a robust plastic dispensing cartridge
  • Hose clips are easily made up to any size by cutting a length of the banding
  • Supplied with cutting template on the plastic cartridge
  • Finish the clip by adding the quick release lock (available separately in packs of 50)

Fast Clamp Fan Connectors

A quick-fix method for connecting fans to ducts, reducing vibration transmission.

  • Allows for easy servicing and cleaning of fans
  • Made from galvanized sheet metal and fitted with a 6mm neoprene lining
  • Clamped together with two blots allowing for small difference in dimensions
  • Includes two tabs to suspend the product where necessary 
  • Available in 9 sizes from 100mm to 400mm